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On-demand AI micro models
while owning the LLM experience.
Specialized AI tailored needs for SaaS, S&B and Agencies
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Plus an AI suite of products included in every membership
Coordinate and manage all stakeholder interactions smoothly in one unified system.
Aaron Chen
5 mins
Hi Rowan, I have attached the updated Compliance Report that we discussed on Thursday. Let me know if you have any questions.
Seamless AI discovery
Effortlessly connect your documents and drive and connect to your own personalized LLM that is open-sourced and loaded directly through the Computir platform.
Anne Holmes
Full Stack Developer
Lucas Holt
Python Wiz-Kid
Top Class Development
Access a network of thoroughly vetted AI professionals and developers for data management and fine-tuning
“Computir is our on-demand AI department”
“Now we’re cooking with AI”
“Computir is making life easier for our compliance team”
“Canny is our on-demand legal department”
“Now we’re cooking”
“Canny is making life easier for our compliance team”
“Canny RULES”
“We no longer need our expensive lawyer on retainer!”
“Goodbye expensive legal fees.”
“Computir beta is wild”
“We automated 4 tasks within our business with their pilot instantly”
“Goodbye expensive AI fine-tuning.”

Top-notch AI support when your business needs it.

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On Your Schedule
Flexible AI support & development that aligns with your schedule, providing expert assistance exactly when your business requires it.
Custom Workflows
Create and tailor legal workflows to match your specific business processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort.
Sample Data Library
An extensive collection of data resources & API configurations to boost your documents, and templates, tailored to meet a wide range of business needs.

One streamlined system for all your legal requirements.

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