Launched in 2014 as Sendero globally distributed team spans over 6 cities around the world.
1 Billion
Computir (prev. Sendero) helped our customer-base and startup partners raise by using our innovative no-code platform.
“Computir (prev. Sendero) was designed to demystify publishing experiences, offering a streamlined, on-demand legal no-code platform that can connect any CMS to any data manager.”
Tayler Freund, Founder & CEO
Our Story
We come from the bellies of the internet. Every single team member has been on creative and engineering teams, never settling and pushing the AI-future foward. We spent collectively 80+ years as a agency or firm for projects (both in the AI space and private sector) and touched over 300+ companies.
We work with industrial and enterprise companies that are ready to change today to become the drivers of their fields tomorrow.

Our platform is built over years of fine-tuning, massaging and understanding AI. We have a universal vision is to build the world’s most powerful applications, interfaces, and devices from a single prompt.

We are committed to providing public and company-specific AI fine tuning models to together, carve a path focusing on AGI. We are industrial-first, meaning your rugged and rough companies are the ones we seek to partner with. Today, this includes publishing most of our AI research, but we expect that safety and security concerns will reduce our traditional publishing in the fields such as construction, health care, social studies, even agriculture. As both consumer facing products, and enterprise consultancy we hope you chose Computir to increase the importance of AI in safety, policy, and standards research for your field of work.
Our Values
Upholding honesty and ethical practices in every aspect, ensuring trust and reliability in all of Computir's interactions and decisions.
Dedicated to continuous evolution, Computir's simplifies publishing and AI processes with advanced technology, setting new standards in the AI tech landscape.
Committed to making AI support attainable and user-friendly, Computir ensures businesses of all sizes have easy access to essential AI services and custom LLM development needs.
Computir believes in the power of teamwork and partnerships, working closely with clients and AI professionals to develop more effective AI and Data solutions.

"We’re introducing a suite of AI-powered products to help you push past creative blocks and bring your best ideas to life."

Leadership Team
Edwin Farrel
Integration Engineer
David Atecha
Frontend Engineer
Ahnaf Shahriar Asif
Leonardo De Aguiar
Head of Product
Mikail Hossain
Data Engineer
Yair Korin
CTO, ML Eng. Co-Founder
Rasit Apalak
Head of Engineering
Shanith Dhanuja
Animator, Product Design